About Us

Great quality Products

Shipa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of video door bell, hoverboards, self-balancing scooters in Australia. We strive hard to deliver exceptional quality product and service, every time!


Shipa is one of the few Video Door Bell & hoverboard suppliers in Australia that you can rely on. Besides video doorbell, however, we also offer many other types of products, such as skateboards, stunt scooters and more. Something that really makes us stand out from others is our focus on quality and safety. We understand that these factors are crucial when it comes to these products, especially given the safety concerns that have been associated with them in the past. However, the fact that we offer a safety guarantee clearly reflects our confidence in the safety and quality of our products.


Shipa is 100% Australian Owned company, and we take pride in offering Australian Quality Products. We have 7 Delivery facilities across Australia to make sure you get the products within 3-5 days of order. Yes, regardless of where you’re based in Australia, shipping products to you isn’t going to be slightest of an issue for us. We enjoy an Australia-wide presence, and we also have highly efficient shipping channels to get you your desired products quickly and efficiently, no matter which part of the country you call home.

Who We Are

Shipa is one of the best online outlets for all your video doorbell & hoverboard needs. Apart from hoverboards, at shipa we also deal in quality stunt scooters, skateboards and much more. At shipa we bring you the best video door bell & hoverboards at the most affordable prices.

We understand quality is of utmost importance, and we don’t compromise with it either. Rest assured you will find the best quality video doorbell & hoverboard at a ground-breaking price. We like to keep assembly as simple as possible so that you don’t have to lose your mind figuring it out yourself. We at shipa believe in safety first. All our products come with a safety guarantee so you can enjoy without having to worry about your safety. Not only that, we are a 100% Australian owned company and take pride in providing you the best Australian made quality products. We deliver our products all across Australia, within 3-5 days of you placing the order. No matter which part of Australia you are based at, we will reach out to you with our products.