Denim Fast Charging Cables

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  • 3 feet
  • 6 feet
  • Type C Cables
  • iPhone Cables
  • Micro USB Cables
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Denim Fast Charging Cables

Type C Cable

Type C Cables are 360-degree bendable cable made up of aluminum Alloy in denim blue colour.

– AhaTech Blue Denim USB Type-C to USB Type-A Fast Charging Cable (3Feet / 1M) & (6Feet / 2M)
– Designed for a faster charging delivering maximum charging speeds to your USB Type-C device.
– Thicker Cabling for optimal data speeds and superior shielding & grounding to protect valuable USB Type C devices.
– Machined Aluminum USB Type-C connectors provide durability and provide extended life.
– Blue Denim jacketed cable for snag and tangle resistance and superior look and feel to compliment your stylish USB Type-C devices.
– Reduces wear and tear from loose cables.
– High quality conductor materials for optimal signal and charging speed for your USB Type-C device.
– 480 Mbps data transfer speeds.
– Compatible USB Type-C devices include Galaxy Note8, HTC 10, Macbook, Google Chromebook Pixel, HP Pavilion x2, OnePlus 2, Nokia N1, Lenovo Zuk Z1, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20 and many more
– Fast USB Type-C charger

Lightning Data Cable

Denim Braided Lightning Data Cables a USB Cable for iPhone available in Denim Blue colour and its material is Aluminium.

Apple MFi (Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod) certification ensures complete charge and sync compatibility with your Apple device. Simply connect the lightning adapter to your Apple device and the USB end to a wall adapter or USB hub to charge or to a computer to sync data. Ideal for home, workplace, car, or nightstand, the charging-and-syncing cable provides everyday convenience and versatility

Durable Nylon Fiber Cloth + Copper Wires:-

High-quality copper wires  maximise signal quality and increase durability. The wires are wrapped in a unique nylon fibre cloth, instead of cheaper plastics or polycarbonate.Wound tightly around the cord, the high-tensile nylon fibre cloth offers superior strength with a bit of flexibility. The braided nylon can handle daily stress, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Compatible Devices:-

This cable works with Apple devices that have a Lightning port, including the Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPad Air / Air 2, iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 3, iPod nano (7th generation), and iPod touch (5th generation).

Micro USB Cable

Micro USB Cables are for Samsung phones with the capability of 360 degree bent. Unbreakable and water resistant.

Super Speed Fast Charging and Data Syncing: AhaTech Micro USB cord support Quick Charge, which can output max 9V/1.3A, 5V/1.3A for Quick Charge 3.0 or Quick Charge 2.0 compatible devices, greatly saving your time. For non-Quick Charge 3.0 or Quick Charge 2.0 devices, it can output max. 5V/1.3A. The data transfer rate can be up to 480Mb/s.

Extreme Durability and Flexibility: The USB 2.0 to Micro USB cable is made of Denim braided material, which has the features of great durability. It is also flexible and stylish.

Universal Compatibility: The Micro USB cord is compatible with Chord Mojo, Micro USB enabled smartphone, tablets, Camera such as Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, S10 Plus, S9, S8, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge+, S4, LG G4, LG V10, Moto X Style, Sony Xperia Z5, HTC One M8, PS4, Xbox One Controller and so on.

Convenient Cable Management: The Micro USB cable comes with a leather strap that can be used to roll up and tie cable up when not in use, convenient and practical. Compared with the short USB cable, the USB cable is more convenient and ideal for being used in office, at home, in the car and in business traveling with less distance restriction.

Reliable and Steady Connection with High Performance: Micro USB connectors can fit your device snugly with the features of heat-resistance and corrosion-resistance and ensures reliable connection without the worry of getting loose or falling out from your devices, enhancing its performance greatly.

Denim Fast Charging Cables


  • Strong SR Design, 360 Degree Bent, Durable Never Break
  • Cowboy material that is respectful with the environment, more durable and flexible and without tangles.
  • Al alloy connector, longer working time, it is not easy to oxidise and oxidise, more than 10000 times plug test.
  • Premium resistant connector, more than 10000 times of bending life, protects the Cable.
  • Tips: the loading speed depends on your phone and the current scene. If you charge on different phones, you can distribute the different stream
  • High-speed synchronisation and fast charging and flat data synchronisation transmission.


  1. Material: Denim + Al Alloy Shell
  2. Colour: Denim Blue
  3. Current: 3A
  4. Wire Gauge: 54/0.1BC*2C+12/0.1BC*2C+ PVC+Denim Jacket, OD: 4mm
  5. Function: Data Sync & Charge

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34 reviews for Denim Fast Charging Cables

  1. J Mac

    So Far This Is The Best Charging Cable That I HAve Owned
    Quality product. The best part are the little teeth that stick out and keep the cord connected to the phone. Those are what fail first in cheap chargers. You actually have to put a little force into pulling out this cord. Charges as fast if not faster than any other charger that I have had. Currently using these on an S10 and they work perfectly. I’ll buy more as needed 100%

  2. Jorge H

    Very good
    Load faster than 100% guaranteed …

  3. John Maurais

    “Wow!” Was the words that literally came out of my mouth. I was not expecting much other than a basic cable for the price I paid. Especially it being 2 cables. But in fact the surprise was I ended up with PREMIUM cable and heavy duty tip connectors.

  4. Neil Maurer

    One of the best USB C cables in the market
    One of the best USB C cables in the market. Perfect for airports, library, and laying in bed. It is super long and super braided. Great purchase!!!

  5. Abdul Aziz

    Great customer service, cables are good quality and solid
    Customer service has been great, they have been in contact with me to help me resolve the issue. The cables are truly solid and so is their customer service.

  6. Jimbo

    USB Certified Type C Cables
    I bought these USB Certified Type C Cables for my new phone (Samsung Galaxy s8)! I love the length which is around 6 feet, these USB cables are USB 3.0, which is a fast charging USB cable! The only problem is when you plug in charging cable to phone is how tight it is! So far USB cables are proving to be good!

  7. William Ferguson

    The best I’ve seen..
    Got these as back up for my new Galaxy S9. I was impressed with the packaging, quality, and durability of these chargers. They were better than I expected especially at this price point. Charges quickly and efficiently and due to the materials used I can see I’ll have these for the long haul. I would purchase again in a heartbeat. Buy these and never have to worry about them again. A++

  8. Sean D

    Nice cords
    Had no problems getting Turbo Charging from this cord. Moto Z3.

  9. Master Tarl

    Great product
    I’m very happy with this cable, it works perfectly with my Motorola Turbo charger. I had to change the original cable because sometimes my Moto G7 didn’t recognize the turbo charger (after searching internet, I found that the most probable cause of that could be a defective cable). Now, my cellphone charge as fast as new.

  10. Big Dawg

    Last Type-C cable I’ll have to buy!!
    once I received these I know IF I ever need more cables it WILL be with AhaTech! When I do end up ordering more cables it will be because I want extras not because the last ones failed, since these are built like tanks! They are super thick and reinforced where it’s needed, so I doubt I’ll ever need to replace these!!

  11. William B

    Best Lightning cable for the money.
    Braided cord, Quick Charge 3.0 verified, 6ft length, and CHEAP price. Very snug fit also.

  12. Karina Vargas

    Solid Product, Solid Purchase.
    Product works great.

  13. J. Glisson

    Good quality type C cables
    The best type C cables I ever got at this price, great quality also great presentation…

  14. Nozam A

    Paired with a fast charge plug!
    These cables work great. I have them paired with a fast charging wall plug they seemed to be of good quality and from what I’ve seen good material as well. I’ve used them to charge all of my handheld electronics and Bluetooth headphones and speakers and paired with the fast charge plug they charged everything I own faster this product works well and I would buy again

  15. Aric Hornback

    Excellent Micro USB Cables
    Charge fast, good length, fairly durable. The USB C design is a huge upgrade to micro USB. I was mildly annoyed when my new phone had this style of charging port since I own a ton of micro USB cables. After using the micro usb style, I would hate to go back.

  16. David Griffin

    Long & Flexible. Although I have only had it …
    Long & Flexible. Although I have only had it for a few days, it appears to be quite durable as well. It’s worked extremely well each time I’ve used it thus far. Exactly what I expected.

  17. Olivia Leavitt

    Great Product
    Very satisfied. Arrived fast, the perfect length, attractive packaging, and solid material construction. Would purchase again.

  18. Vatchy F

    Costs a little more. Well worth it though.
    I only write these if something works exceptionally well. I had a cheap cord for moving pictures off my phone. I wanted something better. I could tell right away that these cables were superior.

  19. SLAkers

    Best cord i have bought and one of the better prices.
    I bought this cord for my sons s8 which would not fast charge with 4 other cords. Im happy to say with this charger it fast charges first time every time.

  20. Jamie Wable

    Heavy Duty Cables
    These cables are quite thick and heavy duty so keep that in mind when assessing them for your application. If you need maximum flexibility then these might not be the cables you want. However, if you need a strong, long-lasting cable for a tougher environment I recommend these.

  21. Dennis R

    Fastcharging, durable, and good length
    So far I absolutely love this charger! Charges my phone in the way my fast charger that came with my phone did with added durability in the braided cable. Love that it comes with two, one in my workbag and the other at home. Never have to worry about being without a charger and having my phone die. Will update as time passes to see how it holds up.

  22. Melia Andrulonis

    These work
    Simply stated these work, they work so good I am seriously considering tossing all my other c cables.

  23. Thomas C

    Nice cord length!
    I really enjoy how long these cord are. At first I thought these were too long, but after using them in areas that I wasn’t able to because of the length of my standard charging cable I began to realize how useful they are. If I bring my cord with me in my wife’s car, I can easily sit in the back row of her SUV with this cord plugged in the front of the vehicle.

  24. Rashad Moore

    Don’t worry buy with confidence,great company and product.
    Buying a USB cord can be daunting ,at times but I can say that this cord is the exception it does not feel cheap and I think it actually works better than the cable my samsung s9 originally came with ,the company also seems to really care about it customers.

  25. Sondra Neace

    Such a good solid investment without the high cost$$
    Super fast charging…like promised (plugged into a quickcharge brick).
    Highly recommend.
    Using it for a Samsung phone and tablet.
    Durable, heavy duty, doesn’t tangle & loving the additional length.

  26. Eternal Student

    So Far So Good
    I’ve only had these cables for a day, so by no means is this a long term durability review. But the quality seems great and most importantly the cable doesn’t slip out of my phone.

  27. Sarah Warmanen

    Best Lightning Long Charging Cables on the Market!
    Excellent quality charging cables. These are strong, durable, fast charging and a great value. Also, finally nice to see a manufacturer who takes pride in their protective packaging. Excellent customer service. Will stick with this company and seller for as long as they exist.

  28. Ray B

    Durability is great
    If you are like me, I am VERY hard on my phone and my phone accessories. Thus, I have gone through about four charging cables in the last three years. However, after buying this one, I was actually rather impressed.

  29. Solares G

    Cheap and durable
    Pleased with my purchase. My wife and I recently got new phones using USB-C, which rendered the many micro-USB chargers scattered around our house just about useless. These are sturdy and long cables that we were able to replace the micro-USB cables and keep our old USB to wall outlet connecters. Definitely satisfied.

  30. Photo Angler

    Extra length and fast charge!
    I really like these cords. Bought a two pack after my wife’s OE cord finally gave up the ghost. Gave one to her and replaced my cord with the other. I am happy I chose the longer length cords over the 3′ ones

  31. Aubrey Dobbs

    Solid built cable
    ought these for my GoPro Hero 5 and 6. These cables look great and for the price, you can’t beat it. A pair of 6′ cables were on sale for the same price as the 3′. So far I’ve only tested them for charging and transferring a short 4K video. No problems at all.

  32. Adam Taylor

    Orders 3 in the pack, all are 6 feet long.
    I was pleased with these cables. I just got a Samsung Galaxy9 and realized I needed a set of new USB cables for all of my old chargers. The braided cord feels solid

  33. M. Ruiz

    I loved him
    I loved him .. I think I rushed and took the size is long and is somewhat annoying .. I started using the other.

  34. Jamie Wable

    I just received this today, and so far it seems like a great cable! It feels durable and I’m hoping that the braided nylon design will help it hold up longer than the typical cable.

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