Heavy Gravity Weighted Blanket

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  • Charcoal
  • Blue
  • Beige
  • Double (122 × 189cm)
  • Queen (152 × 203cm)
  • 4.5kg
  • 6.5kg
  • 7.65kg
  • 9kg

Heavy Gravity Weighted Blanket

Gravity Blanket
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Blue Gravity Blanket


Weighted blanket is engineered to be around 10% of your body weight can offer great all-natural sleep for adults and kids by offering the gentle feeling of being hugged in order to encourage deep and restful sleep. It’s versatile in every way such as placed on lap while reading, watching TV, placed on shoulder or use it like a shawl . Weighted blanket will comfort you all day.

How Do Weighted Blankets Help?

There’s nothing like a good blanket to make you feel cozy and safe. Our sensory blankets for autism are some of the most affordable on the market. Our blankets help regulate a normal sleeping pattern and help all people get the sleep and rest they deserve. Sensory Goods offers two types of therapeutic weighted blankets: glass bead filled and plastic bead filled. These fillings make sure the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed. The fillings also help calm anxiety and stress.

Please note : Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings

– 1000GSM Ultra soft Microfibre fabric
– Ultra-soft and breathable
– High density Eco-friendly glass beads filling
– Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS)
– Evenly-distributed weight
– Close-fitting to body shape 1000GSM Ultra soft Microfibre fabric
– Self-adaptive to any sleeping posture
– Improve sleep quality
– Perfect sewing technology
– Leakage prevention
– Four-band edges
– Versatile use

Kids and Adult size available

Machine washable

Double : 122 × 189 cm : 4.5 KG
Double : 122 × 189 cm : 6.5 KG
Queen : 152 × 203 cm : 7.65 KG
Queen : 152 × 203 cm : 9 KG

Care Instruction:
– Warm machine wash
– Do not bleach
– Do not iron
– Do not tumble dry
– Maybe dry cleanable

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14 reviews for Heavy Gravity Weighted Blanket

  1. Whitelum A

    Best Purchase
    I brought one for my son who suffers from anxiety. With his blanket he now sleeps all night and is more refreshed in the morning. Now sits time to get on for myself.

  2. Terrence D

    Finally, I can Sleep 😴!
    Best night sleep ever I love this blanket and I’m giving two more away as Christmas presents!!
    Anyone who has a difficult night sleep,, will LOVE this blanket .It calms you and allows your body to rest comfortably!!!
    I Bought this for myself and I bought the 9kg , queen size , 152 x 203 cm size was perfect for me .
    I would not get too heavier of a blanket.
    It may be difficult , to adjust to a heavier weight. HAPPY SLEEPING!!! 😴

  3. Harding R

    Well worth the money!
    Better than I expected. Beautifully made, shipped well. I love this blanket! I was concerned that it would make me to warm to sleep, but it is better than any other blanket I’ve ever had. The bamboo makes it feel like it’s temperature controlled by your own body temperature. Fantastic. Important for buyers to know that it has glass beads and 5” stitched pockets, as this is very important in buying a weighted blanket.

  4. Matt Batten

    Genuine Product
    This product genuinely works! I didn’t realise I was having a mild attack today until I tried this and then I felt like myself again . Anxiety can feel a lot like asthma “shortness of breath”. That’s why I was drawn to this blanket because of the design. It has evenly distributed weights throughout the the blanket. This helps to ground relax the body.

  5. Scott P

    Beautifully Blanket
    Love all of these products
    I spray this spray on my weighted blanket and pillow every night before I go to sleep. Haven’t used the cotton cover yet because it’s been freezing here in Melbourne. However I definitely think I will need it soon. Thanks for the great deal and beautifully made products.

  6. CarlaD

    The Best Hug While You Sleep
    I’ve been using this blanket for 6 nights now and they’ve been the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had. As soon as I crawl into bed and heave my 9kg blanket over my shoulders, I sink into the mattress and almost immediately feel the heaviness of my eyelids. Historically I’ve been a late-night phone reader, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip or seeing the newest “must-have” shopping lists.

  7. David Hall

    This blanket is amazing. I sleep on the lounge as that’s where the air con is and this blanket is always with me. It really does keep me calm and more relaxed. My high anxiety and depression somehow dissipates with this on my lap and then sleeping with it. It’s really helping so much while I wait for my therapy dog. Then we both can share it!
    Great company to deal with.

  8. Rhonda C

    Well worth buying. Great Product.
    The context for this review. I suffer from chronic nerve pain and have tried everything to get better sleep. Short of being put on a diet of prescription drugs nothing has worked.

    I bought the blanket based on a recommendation from a friend. After about a month of using this blanket I have slept better over the last month than I had in the entire decade prior.

    I wouldn’t claim the the blanket is cooling, but it definitely keeps cool.

    The weighting is perfectly distributed and adjusts just enough to keep comfortable while sleeping or resting.

    Can’t find any cons for this product.

  9. Battist R

    What?! Amazing!
    I didn’t think this was gonna work. But I’m here to tell ya…at first I thought it was way too heavy. I purchased the 9kg queen size, and it felt like I was an Victorian age asylum patient being restrained. But it really calmed me down and I’m a confirmed thrasher with all the anxieties the corona virus age has brought, in addition to my own little well-watered garden of neuroses. It was a warm night but the blanket never got too hot. It’s soft enough for my hypersensitive skin, and I think possibly an indispensable purchase for these weird, weird times. Get ya one!

  10. Nat J

    Highly Recommended
    I cannot begin to explain how much this blanket has helped me! My sleeping patterns were so messed The whole COVID-19 situation plus a very stressful term at uni meant that my sleeping patterns were beyond messed up. It was taking me 2-3 hours to fall asleep, I tossed and turned all night and I would wake up multiple times. Not to mention the anxious thoughts constantly running through my head. Since receiving my blanket I have noticed a HUGE difference! The weight is comforting and makes me feel safe. I’m no longer waking up in the night and I barely toss and turn. Best of all, I don’t wake up tired and groggy anymore. I HIGHLY recommend these blankets!!

  11. Cathie C

    Soooooo Soft
    This blanket is amazing!! It is so soft and comfortable to sleep with. The seller is amazing to work with as well. The original blanket I was sent had a slight tear in the outer seam. They immediately worked with me to resolve the issue.

  12. Addison T

    Comfortable and soft.
    It is really soft on you and fits well on my king size bed . I will say the blanket is quiet, you do not hear the beads moving. Seller was very helpful and nice

  13. Dhani Amry

    I love my blanket.
    I suffer from PTSD with severe anxiety at times. This means I have nightmares, restless legs jolting me awake, and ruminating thoughts that wind me up at bed time. I was actually anxious about going to bed at night. This blanket helps me not only feel safe and secure, but because I am calmer under it the ruminating thoughts don’t get on top of me. I wake up feeling like I’ve actually slept and my head is clearer. It’s amazing. Thank you for designing this awesome product that is helping me so much.

  14. Cathy P

    Absolutely in love with this blanket!!
    Absolutely in love with this blanket!! I haven’t slept so soundly in my life. Highly recommend!!

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