LED Screen Backpack


LED Screen Backpack

Brighten your day with some Shipa Backpack light. It’s a perfect urban & travel backpack for men, women and kids that allows you to customize its design while you’re on the go.

From the very moment you get your Shipa backpack, you become a geek, an artist, a raver, or all of these at once. As you plug in the power bank to the LED Shipa Backpack, it lights up and puts on a show for you.

Then, with a few strokes of the fingertips on your mobile device, you can pair your smartphone with the Shipa rucksack backpack and display images, animation, widgets and even games.

If you’re looking for a practical birthday gift and functional present for anyone who goes to school, college or work, this Shipa backpack is a go-to option. Main Features: Animation. The in-app image editor feature lets you control the appearance of the Shipa LED Backpack, making it a creative backpack for all men, women and kids Widgets.

Besides being a 13in laptop backpack, the Shipa animated backpack can be your everyday assistant. Display a clock, stopwatch, timer or activate the flashlight in night settings Games. What makes Shipa the best laptop backpack ever is the ability to play old-school video games. This smart backpack turns obsolete retro games into a fun and interactive activity. Practical backpack. The urban design of the Shipa rucksack backpack makes it a good fit for anyone who’s on the move.

Shipa is a perfect college or school backpack that will truly fit your active lifestyle. Technical characteristics. The Shipa Backpack is compatible with iOS/Android smartphones, connects through Bluetooth and is controlled from the app. The Shipa backpack gives you 5-6 hours of nonstop usage with any modern 2A power bank (USB Type-A).

LED Screen Backpack


1x LED Screen Backpack (Power Bank Not Included)

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